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Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods-Discover the Truth About GMOs

Do you know that GMOs make up to 75% of the ingredients in most foods in your supermarket and grocery stores today?

You may know or not it, but the truth is that GMOs make up for a very significant percentage of your daily diet especially if you eat corn-based products, papaya, soybeans and related products, squash, sugar beet, tomatoes, potatoes among other foods.

Scientists across the globe have been experimenting with GMOs for many years now. A majority of them who are pro GMOs insist that the use of biotechnology to alter the DNA of plants and animals is meant to help the global population produce more food that is disease resistant and that is tastier/leaner and better in most ways.

But even though developers are doing their best to produce GN foods that are safe for human consumption, there are still controversies and concerns surrounding the practice of genetic modification and use of its resulting products.

Here some of the advantages and disadvantages of GM foods.

Advantages of genetically modified foods

Supporters of genetic modification claim that GMOs can help to sustain the ever-increasing global population better. For this claim, they allude to several reasons.

  1. Have more nutrients

Top 9 Most Common Genetically Modified Crops

Genetically modified foods have had an increasing presence in our daily food supply for over two decades now. And while almost everyone around the globe consumes these DNA enhanced foods on a regular basis, there are still concerns about the safety of GMOs both top human life and the environment

Nonetheless, even if you want to avoid eating GMOs, it is hard to tell the difference between GM foods and non-GM foods. Both of these are stocked on the same shelves in our supermarkets and grocery stores. What is even worse is that GMOs are not labeled as countries such as the US and Canada don’t have restrictions on the production and supply of biotech foods.

So how do you know what foods to avoid with regards to genetic modification? Here are the top 9 most common biotech crops on the market today;


Soybeans take up the more significant share of the percentage of genetically modified foods in the world today. Over 93% of soy products on our shelves today is genetically modified. And if you don’t trust me, search around.

This crop is primarily engineered to make it more resistant to weeds, pests, insects, and diseases. Common soy …

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